Gorilla Brewing Has Moved

After just a year of operation we have packed up and moved closer to the beach to a larger, more convenient facility.

This new location will house the brewery on the first floor, taproom on the 2nd floor, and roof top on the third floor. As the warmer months approach we will also open the take out bar and terrace connected to the brewery.

We are doing our bit for the Korean craft beer market by not only showcasing our full range of beers, but also the best of what our brewery friends are producing across the peninsula.  To go with our 24 local craft beer taps we’ll be adding to our popular pizza menu, and will be offering a lot more food specials including proper British fish & chips.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Two of Busan’s Best

Being two major players in the Busan craft beer scene, people will naturally compare our two breweries. That’s great! It means they’re talking about craft beer, and more importantly Busan’s craft beer.

You’ll also often find us in each other’s brewpubs on our days off, and pulling pranks on each other at the festivals around Korea. It was during these times that we decided it was about time we collaborated.

So, it’s my pleasure to announce that together with Galmegi Brewing Co, we will be adding an exciting new beer to our menus.

Just in time for Christmas, you will be able to sit back and enjoy a spicy red ale at either one of our brewpubs. Amber in color, this beer contains all the spices you associate with Christmas. Perfect for the holiday season and the cold months ahead.

Available December 16th 2016.

Try all three of our collaborations before 2017 and receive a limited addition Gorilla x Galmegi glass.

Ask in store for more details.

Busan meets New York

It’s been an eventful 2016. First London, now New York! This time we combined forces with Captain Lawrence Brewing, New York. (www.captainlawrencebrewing.com)

Once again we designed a recipe with the aim of adding more depth to our current range. After some chat back and forth, and recipes been thrown around, we decided on going for a White IPA. It was a lot of fun collaborating with Justin Sturges (experimental brewer at CL) to bring two great beer styles together.

Having been involved with Captain Lawrence throughout their growth, it was a fantastic opportunity for us to spend the day with him, tapping into the wealth of knowledge he’s gained over the years in this crazy market taking the world by storm.

The brew day was followed by introducing the New Yorkers to some fresh fish and live octopus. Watching and videoing several fish being gutted, stripped, and sliced was quite the spectacle. It really doesn’t come any fresher than that. They even managed to endure our British humor.

Back to the beer. Sitting at 6%, this light, hazy beer is bouncing with hops from aroma to taste. It has a clean, smooth mouth feel, finishing with a slight but pleasant bitterness. This white IPA is sure to quench your thirst.

Available December 16th 2016.

Gorilla Brewing x Young Madame

This Saturday we will be welcoming three young talents from the local DJ scene. They will be showcasing their talents from 9pm onwards. The very talented young female DJ 1 Oz Cat will be setting the pace early on to create the perfect lounge vibe. Don’t get too comfortable though. Young Madame, performing live for the first time, and the popular DJ Simon Vow will soon have you bobbing your head, tapping the table, and for those 5 IPA deep, dancing uncontrollably in your own little world. If you see Gorilla Brewer’s making their way to the DJ booth for a dance, please stop them, it’s in everyone’s best interest!

Live DJs, craft beer, handmade pizza, no cover. It has all the ingredients for a great night. See you there!

Busan meets London

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first collaboration.

Gorilla Brewing, in our first year of operation, teamed up with the hugely popular Crate Brewery, London. (www.cratebrewery.com)

Putting our creative minds together we designed and brewed an Extra Stout. Not just any Extra Stout. A Choco-Chili Extra Stout. Why Chili? Korea is famous for its unique chili, which is used in a majority of its dishes. So, to add some authenticity to this Korea X England collaboration we decided to throw a load into the kettle (calculated of course), with the aim of creating a warming after taste rather than an immediate spice. Perfect for the cold months ahead.

Combining the complexity of the malts, the Korean chili, chocolate nibs, fresh hops from our hop farm, we believe our two breweries have produced something special here. We’re not finished yet. To make this that little extra special we made it a NITRO Extra Stout! Arguably our greatest brewing achievement to date.

This beautifully dark, smooth and silky stout will leave you questioning its 7.7% ABV as you’re ordering another. Enjoy!

Choco-Chili Extra Stout 7.7% ABV 38 IBU.

Available now in Busan, and London!

부산과 런던의 합작

고릴라브루잉과 CRATE 브루어리의 콜라보레이션!

부산과 런던의 두 브루어리가 공동 양조한 ‘초코 칠리 스타우트가 ‘ 출시 되었습니다. 고릴라브루잉의 홉농장에서 직접 기른 홉을 영국으로 가져가 양조하였으며, 전형적인 영국식 스타우트에, 한국적 재료인 한국 고추를 가미 하였습니다. 풍부하고 부드러운 바디감에 한국 고추에서 온 따뜻한 목넘김을 느낄 수 있습니다.

Gorilla Raspberry Wheat is Back!

Our brew team originally made the Raspberry Wheat as a refreshing summer special. Unfortunately it sold out before summer arrived! So due to popular demand we are pleased to tell you it’ll be back on tap at the Brew Pub this weekend.

Raspberry Wheat 2.0 is a classic wheat beer that maintains the sweet and tart characters of the raspberries, and with a nice clean and refreshing finish this little beauty can pack a punch at 6.3% ABV. Refresh your senses this weekend.

Gorilla is Coming to Itaewon!

We are very excited to announce that Gorilla Brewing Co will be in Seoul for the whole of August.

Our Pop Up store will be in the heart of the Itaewon’s craft beer district, Kyungridan. With a lot of beer enthusiasts hitting the area daily we are looking forward to being part of your Korean craft beer tour and meeting you all.

Our 4 mainline beers will be on tap throughout August, with a couple of additions expected later on in the month.

For the latest Pop up news keep an eye on the website, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Exciting times ahead!

Summer Roof Top Party!

We’ve teamed up with the impressive promoter Young Madame, and Haeundae Smokehouse to bring you the party of the summer! With Gwangan beach as the backdrop we’ll have some of the finest DJs, beers, and BBQ this City has to offer.

Price: 10,000 with flyer. 15,000 without.

Where: Gwangan Smokehouse (Above Olive Young, opposite OPC tap house)

When: Saturday August 6th, 6.30pm.

It’s not to be missed!

There’s a New Beer in Town!

And what a beauty of a beer it is!

“Why don’t you make British style ales?”…. Something we often hear at Gorilla.

We do design all of our recipes with our British heritage in mind. However, I guess the name of a beer speaks volumes, and what’s more British than a brown ale.

So after bouncing a few recipe ideas back and forth, and some experimentation, we are very pleased with the results. Now on tap at Gorilla is our ‘Dark Nut Brown Ale’. As well as being dark and nutty, this little gem is creamy with a slightly sweet malt character. A classic British style beer brewed by some classy Brits! Enjoy!



새로운 맥주가 출시 되었어요!


우리는 오픈하자마자 "브루어들이 영국사람인데, 영국식의 맥주를 만들어 보는게 어때요?" 라는 질문을 들어왔어요. 그래서! 우리의 독자적인 레시피로 우리만의 창의적인 브라운 에일을 양조하게 되었고, 아주 만족하는 "다크 너트브라운" 이 출시가 되었습니다.

견과류의 맛과 함께 목넘김이 부드럽고 풍부한 "다크 너트브라운"! 영국인이 양조한 영국 브라운에일! 지금 고릴라브루잉 컴퍼니에서 만나보실 수 있어요.