Busan meets London

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first collaboration.

Gorilla Brewing, in our first year of operation, teamed up with the hugely popular Crate Brewery, London. (www.cratebrewery.com)

Putting our creative minds together we designed and brewed an Extra Stout. Not just any Extra Stout. A Choco-Chili Extra Stout. Why Chili? Korea is famous for its unique chili, which is used in a majority of its dishes. So, to add some authenticity to this Korea X England collaboration we decided to throw a load into the kettle (calculated of course), with the aim of creating a warming after taste rather than an immediate spice. Perfect for the cold months ahead.

Combining the complexity of the malts, the Korean chili, chocolate nibs, fresh hops from our hop farm, we believe our two breweries have produced something special here. We’re not finished yet. To make this that little extra special we made it a NITRO Extra Stout! Arguably our greatest brewing achievement to date.

This beautifully dark, smooth and silky stout will leave you questioning its 7.7% ABV as you’re ordering another. Enjoy!

Choco-Chili Extra Stout 7.7% ABV 38 IBU.

Available now in Busan, and London!

부산과 런던의 합작

고릴라브루잉과 CRATE 브루어리의 콜라보레이션!

부산과 런던의 두 브루어리가 공동 양조한 ‘초코 칠리 스타우트가 ‘ 출시 되었습니다. 고릴라브루잉의 홉농장에서 직접 기른 홉을 영국으로 가져가 양조하였으며, 전형적인 영국식 스타우트에, 한국적 재료인 한국 고추를 가미 하였습니다. 풍부하고 부드러운 바디감에 한국 고추에서 온 따뜻한 목넘김을 느낄 수 있습니다.